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6. Text to Translation

Downloads: HHB_notes_6.pdf | HHB_audio_6.mp3

The sixth message in the series: Why the King James Bible?

Thesis: It is consistent with the word of God to say that a translation of God’s words can truly be the Scriptures of God in a second language.

  • Point 1: The Nature of Translation
  • Point 2: The Process of Getting a Text
  • Point 3: The Process of Getting a Translation

Top 10 Reasons for Why You Need to Know What the Bible is: Here are the reasons we would give for why we take the stand we do on the King James Bible being the Word and words of God in the English language.

  • There is a denial of the existence of truth as an absolute standard and final authority.
  • Secular society criticizes the Bible as a mixture of truth and error.
  • When the Bible has been revised in English it has tended to become relativised.
  • A body of other “holy books” now compete with it.
  • The Bible becomes the basis of disunity when it is viewed skeptically.
  • Critics are trying to find a “canon” within the canon.
  • Satan makes sure that old heresies are recycled as new creative attacks.
  • Eternal life hangs in the balance because only the Bible has the words of life, Ps 115:3-4,8; John 6:68.
  • If we spend our life following something untrue, we are of all people most miserable, 1Cor 15:19.
  • The Bible claims to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, truly authoritative, and inerrant—but if we are not certain of the words of truth today, that does not matter.
Categoría: History & Heritage of the Bible

5. A “Codex Moment”

Downloads: HHB_notes_5.pdf | HHB_audio_5.mp3

The fifth message in the series: Why the King James Bible?

1 Corinthians 14:36-38

God's Chain Link from His Revelation to Your Translation:

  • Revelation
  • Inspiration (Prophesying)
  • Inscripturation (Scripture)
  • Transmission (Manuscripts)
  • Preservation
  • Translation

Point 1: Materials of Transmission

Point 2: Process of Inspiration

Point 3: Method of Preservation

Conclusion: No modern language version of the Bible uses the Received Text. Our conclusion is aptly summarized by Dean Burgon:

I  am  utterly  disinclined  to  believe,  so  grossly  improbable  does  it seem—that  at  the  end  of  1800  years  995  copies  out  of  every  thousand, suppose, will prove untrustworthy; and that the one, two, three, four, or five which remain, whose contents were til yesterday as good as unknown, will be  found  to  have  retained  the  secret  of  what  the  Holy Spirit  originally inspired. I am utterly unable to believe, in short, that God's promise has so entirely failed, that at the end of 1800 years, much of the text of the Gospel had  in  point  of  fact  to  be  picked  by  a  German  critic  out  of  a  wastepaper basket  in  the  convent  of  St.  Catherine;  and  that  the  entire  text  had  to  be remodelled after the pattern set by a couple of copies which had remained in neglect during fifteen centuries, and had probably owed their survival to that neglect; whilst hundreds of others had been thumbed to pieces, and had bequeathed their witness to copies made from them. Happily, Western Christendom  has  been  content  to  employ  one  and  the  same  text  for upwards of three hundred years [in 1883].

Categoría: History & Heritage of the Bible

4. What is the Bible?

Downloads: HHB_notes_4.pdf | HHB_audio_4.mp3

The fourth message in the series: Why the King James Bible?

Amos 8:11-12

Statement of Need: If you do not know the word of God you don't know God, and when you do not know God you do not know how to live for God.

Thesis: Everything we have rises and falls on our relationship to the Bible.

Point 1: What is the Bible? Definition...

Point 2: How does the Bible Look? Description...

Quotes about the Bible:

It is shallow enough
so that the most timid swimmer
may enjoy its waters without fear,
and yet deep enough
for the most expert swimmer
to enjoy it without touching the bottom.
~John Watson~

The Empire of Caesar is gone;
the legions of Rome are rotting in the dust;
the avalanches that Napoleon hurled
at Egypt have melted away;
the pride of the Pharaohs is fallen;
Tyre is but a rock bleaching fishermen's nets;
Sidon has scarcely left a wreck behind;
but the Word of God still survives.
~John Cumming~

Categoría: History & Heritage of the Bible

3. Perfection – Evidence and the Alternatives

Downloads: HHB_notes_3.pdf | HHB_audio_3.mp3

The third message in the series: Why the King James Bible?

1 Samuel 14:24-30

Thesis: The trouble with the truth is... it just won’t let you rest.

Point: The deep things of God are only found when you have the true Word of God.

Insight: The great revolutions based on "new discoveries" in the 1800s...

  • A revolution in politics called socialismFAILED
  • A revolution in science called evolutionFRAUD
  • A revolution in psychology called psychoanalysisFREUD
  • A revolution in religion called textual criticismFLAWED

Have not I written to thee excellent things
in counsels and knowledge, That I might
make thee know the certainty of the words
of truth; that thou mightest answer the
words of truth to them that send unto thee?
~Proverbs 22:20-21~

The words of the LORD are pure words:
as silver tried in a furnace of earth,
purified seven times.
Thou shalt keep them, O LORD,
thou shalt preserve them
from this generation for ever.
~Psalms 12:6-7~

Categoría: History & Heritage of the Bible

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