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7. The Ideology of our Theology

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The seventh message in the series: Why the King James Bible?

How Apostasy Works: Three ways apostasy was working in Paul's day...

  • False knowledge was exalted above the scriptures, 1 Tim 6:20.
  • The literal meaning of scripture was spiritualized away, 2 Tim 2:16-18.
  • Philosophy is substituted for Scripture, Col 2:8.

Thesis: Any time you take away from the authority of the scriptures, you lose some of the anointedness of the Spirit.

  • Point 1: Scholars and Scriptures
  • Point 2: Scribes and Scrolls
  • Point 3: Tying up Loose Ends

Conclusion: Is the King James Bible Scripture?

Timothy had the Scriptures. Timothy’s grandmother knew where to find the Scriptures. Paul says, when you can identify something as Scripture, then you have something that was given by inspiration.  So  the  question  is  not,  Is  the  King  James Bible  inspired?  No,  The question is this: is the King James Bible Scripture? Because if it is, then it is God’s words, given by a process of inspiration. And remember, all through the Bible, the Scripture is not tied to the original writings.

Scripture does not equal originals. Scripture is that which was written and recognized as authoritative.

  • Jesus did not have the originals when he said to search the Scriptures.
  • The disciples did not have  the  originals  when  they  believed  the  Scriptures.
  • Timothy’s  mother  did  not  have  the originals when she taught Timothy the Scriptures.
  • When Paul translated the Hebrew into Greek and  then  quoted  it,  that  was  still  Scripture.

So  Scripture  stands  independent  of  the  originals, irrespective of time, place, language, interveing years, numbers of copyists, etc. Therefore, whenever we can identify Scripture, in our age and in our language, we have something inspired by God.

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