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6. Text to Translation

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The sixth message in the series: Why the King James Bible?

Thesis: It is consistent with the word of God to say that a translation of God’s words can truly be the Scriptures of God in a second language.

  • Point 1: The Nature of Translation
  • Point 2: The Process of Getting a Text
  • Point 3: The Process of Getting a Translation

Top 10 Reasons for Why You Need to Know What the Bible is: Here are the reasons we would give for why we take the stand we do on the King James Bible being the Word and words of God in the English language.

  • There is a denial of the existence of truth as an absolute standard and final authority.
  • Secular society criticizes the Bible as a mixture of truth and error.
  • When the Bible has been revised in English it has tended to become relativised.
  • A body of other “holy books” now compete with it.
  • The Bible becomes the basis of disunity when it is viewed skeptically.
  • Critics are trying to find a “canon” within the canon.
  • Satan makes sure that old heresies are recycled as new creative attacks.
  • Eternal life hangs in the balance because only the Bible has the words of life, Ps 115:3-4,8; John 6:68.
  • If we spend our life following something untrue, we are of all people most miserable, 1Cor 15:19.
  • The Bible claims to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, truly authoritative, and inerrant—but if we are not certain of the words of truth today, that does not matter.

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