Lunes, Marzo 30, 2020
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Why the King James Bible?

by Pastor Alan Shelby

Alan Shelby taught this series as part of the Kansas City Baptist Temple's Shepherds School of Ministry Bible Institute curriculum. Three first three messages were “preached” to a church congregation during a Bible conference; the last four were given to a class during the KCBT Bible Institute (Shepherd's School of Ministry).

Many pastors today have left a "faith-based position" with regard to the Scripture. Alan addresses this issue in no uncertain terms and reminds us of what the Bible says about itself--its inspiration and its preservation down through history in the English language.

This course will also serve the student of the Bible by giving him a basic outline of the issues surrounding the history of the English Bible (especially dealing with the "KJV-Only Controversy"). Any one of these seven lessons could be further researched and developed by anyone with the desire to do the homework (Alan was even kind enough to provide a concise bibliography).

These messages are very encouraging, motivating, and informative. Please take the time to listen to them at least once. I know you’ll enjoy them tremendously!

  • Connection - Establishing A Spiritual Mindset
  • Direction – Examining God’s Hand In History
  • Perfection – Evidence and the Alternatives
  • What is the Bible?
  • A “Codex Moment”
  • Text to Translation
  • The Ideology of our Theology
  • The Conclusion of the Matter

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