Viernes, Febrero 21, 2020
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Discipleship Message #10: The Great Commission, Our Commission

(Note: This sermon series was preached at the beginning of the new church plant, Harvest Baptist Church.)

Is the Great Commission, given by the Lord to His Apostles after His resurrection, for us today?

  • This may seem like an odd question to ask, but as we continue to study the Bible together, I think it will become increasingly clear as to why we need to clarify this.
  • Yes! The Great Commission is our mission. The Great Commission is our mission today in the Church Age. 

We have just started a new church and we have spent the last two or three months studying what the Bible has to say about our purpose and mission as a church (and as members of the Church). 

  • Our purpose: God has placed us here to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. 

But, how do we do that? That question addresses our mission... 

  • Our Mission: To be and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  • (John 17.4) In order to fulfill our purpose on earth, we have to finish the work God gave us to do.
  • That work is the work of being and making disciples, which includes both evangelism and edification. 
  • (Mat 28.18-20) This mission was given by the Lord and is commonly called the “Great Commission.”

So, what's the problem with the Great Commission and us today in the Church Age? 

  • The Great Commission was given specifically to Israel in another dispensation.
  • And because of this, there are some today who say that the Great Commission does not apply to us.
  • That's what I want to look at today and also in our next message next Sunday. Let's consider first the Great Commission in it's context and then see how it can and does apply to us today.
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