Lunes, Enero 27, 2020
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I found I could identify with the following phrase: 

"...precarious cubicle drones in anonymous office blocks."

The full quote is: 

"At the end of it all, most business-school graduates won’t become high-level managers anyway, just precarious cubicle drones in anonymous office blocks."

I think the excerpt is quite applicable to life in its current state even if the broader context is not.


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If you're like me, you're getting sick and tired of hearing all the crap being published about our personal information being harvested by the likes of Face-stinkin-book, Google, and the others like them. These "free" services make us their "product" that they in turn sell to third parties (including the gubmint). I'm tired of being surveilled and followed and categorized and data mined. 

I ran into this article that might be a good first step for some: 

I've changed my default search engine to DuckDuckGo. I'm test driving a more secure email solution: ProtonMail. I've switched my DNS to CloudFlare's that is supposed to be privacy centered. I need a better browser...

And I'm thinking of air-gapping... You know? I mean... seriously... just run Tails for my internet needs and maintain and air-gapped machine that I actually do my work and personal stuff on. 

I'm tired of being surveilled.

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How to Make Your Internet Faster with Privacy-Focused DNS Service

Cloudflare, a well-known Internet performance and security company, announced the launch of—world's fastest and privacy-focused secure DNS service that not only speeds up your internet connection but also makes it harder for ISPs to track your web history.

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Why Reading Books Should be Your Priority, According to Science

By Christina DesMarais 

Another good (and short) article on the benefits of reading books. Here are the links. A summary follows.

More than a quarter--26 percent--of American adults admit to not having read even part of a book within the last year. That's according to statistics coming out of the Pew Research Center. If you're part of this group, know that science supports the idea that reading is good for you on several levels.

  • Reading fiction can help you be more open-minded and creative.
  • People who read books live longer.
  • Reading 50 books a year is something you can actually accomplish.
  • Successful people are readers.
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Hay 98 invitados y ningún miembro en línea

New Web Site

I put together a "landing page" web site for street work. It's just a simple site with a name that's easy to remember so we can give it on tracts, etc. while out street preaching.