The Glory is Departed: 1Samuel 4.19-20

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Ichabod was the name given to the child of Phinehas, one of the priests, one of Eli's sons. His name means "the glory is departed." 

Ichabod shows us a picture of God's people left alone to their own devices... empty, defeated, no power, no victory. Ichabod is a picture of...


He has a twin brother in the New Testament: The Church at Ephesus. God warned the Ephesians to get right with Him or else He would remove their candlestick (the glory is departed!). 

We need to return to God and that means we need to return to Scripture, and to Scripture alone.

Or... we can stay put in our apathetic indifference... wallowing in the carnal, worldly activities of a powerless, defeated, stagnant, institutionalized “Church-ianty” that God has named...


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