Viernes, Febrero 21, 2020
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I ran into this article today and wanted to pass it along (pay attention, also, to the comments made by Tom Chantry): 

The Pastoral "Call," and how there isn't one [PDF]

Finally... a voice of reason based on Scripture. If you think God might want you in "vocational / pastoral / full-time" ministry, you should: 

  • Study the Bible (lots).
  • Evangelize the lost (intentionally).
  • Edify the saved (preaching and teaching the Bible).
  • And then, if a church or congregation says, "Please come be our pastor," then you check your desire (1Tim 3.1). If you want to, go do it. 

The problem arises when no church or congregation wants you as their pastor (or the people you are currently "ministering" to are fairly vocal about you not being qualified for the job). That should be a pivotal moment in your life when you start making some long-term plans to pursue another vocation.

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LRRP: Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (“lurp”)

Different does not mean disqualified.

I was recently reminded of the integral part LRRPs played in the Vietnam War. With “integral” I mean to say they were “necessary to the completeness of the whole.”

When I was visiting with some friends outside San José recently, I was told of a dear brother and fellow missionary who had spoken poorly of me before I ever arrived. His comment was, “Greg likes to work alone” and the implication of that statement was that I am not qualified nor am I able to participated in the Mission that God has given to each member of the Body of Christ (the mission of edification; Eph 4.11-16).

Read More: LRRP: Integral Members of the Team

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En Linea

Hay 154 invitados y ningún miembro en línea

New Web Site

I put together a "landing page" web site for street work. It's just a simple site with a name that's easy to remember so we can give it on tracts, etc. while out street preaching.