Viernes, Abril 10, 2020
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This article is written by David Cloud of Way of Life Literature. I think he provides a very balanced and defendable approach to the issue of the preservation of the Scripture (although I may not agree with him on the finer points of some of his arguments). I think David Cloud has provided very good research and resources for those who desire to learn more about this issue, therefore I've reproduced the article here in its entirety and provided links to the same content in PDF and on the Way of Life Literature web site. 

King James Only

There is a lot of debate and confusion surrounding the man-made term "King James Only." It has been popularized in recent years by men who claim they are concerned about a dangerous and cultic view of the King James Bible. Rarely do they carefully define the term, though, and as a result a wide variety of Bible-believing men are given a nebulously-defined label. 

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New Web Site

I put together a "landing page" web site for street work. It's just a simple site with a name that's easy to remember so we can give it on tracts, etc. while out street preaching.