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Image of Who Cares Poster Print

What's wrong with this picture?

Let me first say I own this print; I have it framed where I see it and look at it every day. I even printed up some tracts with this illustration before, trying to motivate Christians in my ministry to evangelize. But there's something wrong with this picture ...two things actually:

  • It depicts a man-centered gospel message. 
  • It's the reason for the modern gospel message.

It depicts a man-centered gospel message. 

Will man without salvation in Christ die under the condemnation and wrath of his Creator? Yes. Is that illustrated in the Who Cares print? Yes. Does that bother us? Yes (or at least it should). Is that the primary reason we evangelize? No.

We preach the gospel to the lost primarily because we love God (John 14.21) and He told us to do so (Mark 16.15; 1Cor 1.17-23).

We preach the gospel to the lost primarily for God's glory and for His pleasure (1Cor 10.31).

We preach the gospel to the lost primarily because Jesus Christ is worthy of our bold proclamation of His costly, humble sacrifice on the cross--we are glad to "brag" of Christ and His work of redemption (Acts 4.29, 31; Eph 6.19; Rev 4.11; 5.12).

According to the Bible, the gospel, its message and its method of delivery, is first and foremost God-centered. It's for His glory, for His good pleasure... for Him.

It's the reason for the modern gospel message.

When we move our primary motivation for evangelism away from God and place it on man and man's need (however great that need may be), we will compromise.

How often have you heard a pastor or a Christian (who should know better) belittle and even spurn intentional evangelism (open-air preaching, the passing out of gospel tracts, "cold contact" evangelism)? We hear, "That's just not effective." My question to that statement is this: Does that matter?

Being "effective" matters in a man-centered gospel message, because we are primarily concerned with man, his need, his salvation. We want methods that work. We want to be effective. But...

We were never called to be effective.
We were called to be faithful.

What does God want in regard to evangelism? Obviously He desires to save souls; that is why Christ died and rose again. But, specifically, what does God want in regard to us (Christians) in evangelism? He wants us to be faithful! Listen to what He says (in the Bible), submit to it willingly, and obey it wholeheartedly! Be faithful! Regardless of the outcome; regardless of the results. Because in the end, God gives the increase, no your "effective methods" (1Cor 3.7).

The distinguishing mark a Christian is the preaching of the gospel (1Cor 1.23). The distinguishing mark of a Spirit-filled Christian, a Christian who is submitted to and obeying God, is the bold preaching of the gospel (Acts 4.31).

And God wants us to preach His gospel message boldly to every creature on the earth (Mark 16.15; Rom 15.20; 2Cor 10.14-16).

Evangelism is about God's message, God's methods, and God's messengers. We are the messengers. God has sent us with clear instructions on the method: preaching (Rom 10.13-15). It's God-centered, not man-centered. Be faithful and preach the gospel, let God worry about the results.

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