Lunes, Marzo 30, 2020
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J. Sidlow Baxter (1903-1999)

What is our right approach to [the Gospel according to Matthew]? Ought we first to browse over the latest discussions on its authorship, or gather the available data concerning Matthew himself?

No; the first thing, as with all the other New Testament oracles, is to read it just as it lies before us, and read it until we are thoroughly familiar with its contents. Even at first reading, especially if read right through at one sitting, it will yield much; but if we read it three or four, or seven or eight, or a dozen times, it becomes more revealing and rewarding each time.

So is it with all parts of the Holy Writ, for behind the human penmen is the directive activity of the Divine Spirit.

After reading so many books and articles written by unbelieving “Christian” scholars, it's refreshing to go back to a solid, classic: J. Sidlow Baxter's Explore the Book.

The Christian who wants a solid grasp on the content of the Bible would do well to buy a good, wide-margin Bible, a set of good pens, and Baxter's Explore the Book.

  • Work through Baxter's book while following his teaching and doing the “homework.”
  • Transfer everything into the margins of your Bible.

I guarantee you'll learn more Bible from him than you ever would in seminary (and I've been to seminary). 

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