Lunes, Marzo 30, 2020
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The problem with churches today is that they are filled with people trying to build a relationship with God without knowing who God is and what He is like (i.e., the character and attributes of God).

Doctrine (Bible teaching and Bible knowledge) is essential. And remember: in order to teach doctrine, you have to have truth, and that means you must have an infallible Bible.

And what church has that (an infallible Bible) today? Very few. Most churches have pastors who correct the Scripture far more than they learn it, teach it, and live it. So, because they do not have a trustworthy Bible, they do anything and everything they can to make you feel like you have a relationship with God. 

We've traded knowing God (through Scripture) for feeling God (through experience and entertainment).

For me...? Well... I want Scripture because I want to know God.

John 17.3And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

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Doctrine matters, friends. Heterodoxy (bad doctrine) leads to heteropraxy (bad living). Orthodoxy (good doctrine) leads to orthopraxy (good living).

You cannot know God without knowing the Bible.

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