Jueves, Febrero 20, 2020
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My buddy Chip just sent me a link to this article; it's short and very good: 

The Church has hoped to use bad rock music, a casual atmosphere, pop culture references, and a general spirit of irreverence and worldliness as a means to entice the next generation into the pews. It has exploited all of the worst and most transitory aspects of youth, and all it has done is alienate the very people it deformed itself to attract.

Young people can spot a poser from 1,000 miles away. "Cool" Christianity is a poser Christianity, and the pose is not fooling anyone.

Christianity will never be cool and shouldn't try. Cool things are by definition trendy, which is to say they follow the whims of the world. 

The Church should be dictating to the culture instead of letting the culture dictate to it (the rock music, sleek architecture, and pastors in skinny jeans).

The modern church has gorged itself on temporal, forgettable, fashionable things. And it has never been less relevant in America or more unappealing. 

Maybe it would be better to connect another way. Young people are energetic, eager, radical, revolutionary, idealistic, desperate for a cause to join and a battle to fight. It just so happens that Christianity is radical and revolutionary. It holds the keys to the highest ideals a man can strive towards. It is a cause. 

So rather than the church contorting itself to seem trendy and stupid and shallow — which only insults the very people it is supposed to convert — maybe it should simply be what it is and present the truth, nothing less.

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