Lunes, Marzo 30, 2020
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The problem with churches today is that they are filled with people trying to build a relationship with God without knowing who God is and what He is like (i.e., the character and attributes of God).

Doctrine (Bible teaching and Bible knowledge) is essential. And remember: in order to teach doctrine, you have to have truth, and that means you must have an infallible Bible.

And what church has that (an infallible Bible) today? Very few. Most churches have pastors who correct the Scripture far more than they learn it, teach it, and live it. So, because they do not have a trustworthy Bible, they do anything and everything they can to make you feel like you have a relationship with God. 

We've traded knowing God (through Scripture) for feeling God (through experience and entertainment).

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My buddy Chip just sent me a link to this article; it's short and very good: 

The Church has hoped to use bad rock music, a casual atmosphere, pop culture references, and a general spirit of irreverence and worldliness as a means to entice the next generation into the pews. It has exploited all of the worst and most transitory aspects of youth, and all it has done is alienate the very people it deformed itself to attract.

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My friend Dave sent me a link to a t-shirt design I found wonderfully insightful (and NO, I am not a Calvinist; I'm a Bible believer): 

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A quote by Arthur Pink (1886–1952). 

"...of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off." [Hosea 8:4 ]

Sad indeed is the above passage--and the more so, because we have seen such a tragic repetition of it in our own days. 

Oh what earthly-mindedness, what indulging of the flesh, what sinful extravagance--are now seen among professing Christians today!

  • How practical godliness has waned; 
  • how the denying of self has disappeared; 
  • how covetousness, pleasure and worldliness now possess the great majority of those calling themselves the people of God. 

Yet as great as the sin of the people is--far greater is that of most of the preachers, who, instead of warning, admonishing, rebuking, and setting before their people an example of sobriety and contentment--criminally remain silent upon the crying sins of their hearers, while they themselves encourage the reckless indulgence of worldly lusts.

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