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Línea 225: Línea 225:
   * This further enhances your privacy and anonymity   * This further enhances your privacy and anonymity
 +====== Investigations ======
 +Technical Investigation of a .onion site:
 +  - Check out the http headers
 +  - See what kinds of software they are running and their current version
 +  - Are there vulnerabilities in that version? is it old? exploits available?
 +  - Go to Shodan search engine (searches IoT - Internet of Things)
 +  - Enter the combo of software and versions to see what machines out there are running that particular combination and open to the Internet.
 +  - From the results, find out which serve up .onion sites.
 +  - Query the servers that host .onion sites and "ask" if they serve up your particular .onion site address. If you get a "yes," bingo.
 +  - Use a VM (or Tails) and get on the DarkNet
 +  - Install ZeroNet, Tribler, I2P, et al
 +  - Experiment (by safely: use a machine and ID you only use for DarkNet)
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