Miércoles, Mayo 23, 2018
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LRRP: Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (“lurp”)

Different does not mean disqualified.

I was recently reminded of the integral part LRRPs played in the Vietnam War. With “integral” I mean to say they were “necessary to the completeness of the whole.”

When I was visiting with some friends outside San José recently, I was told of a dear brother and fellow missionary who had spoken poorly of me before I ever arrived. His comment was, “Greg likes to work alone” and the implication of that statement was that I am not qualified nor am I able to participated in the Mission that God has given to each member of the Body of Christ (the mission of edification; Eph 4.11-16).

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I'm just a normal guy in the Midwest (United States) trying to work "during the day" to support my family and minister in my "spare time" to please the Lord. 

I grew up in and around Belton, MO. In 1984 I left high school to go into the U.S. Marine Corps where I successfully completed a six-year tour of duty. I then attended Central Missouri State University (now called the University of Central Missouri) in Warrensburg where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (functional major: accounting). 

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