Miércoles, Mayo 23, 2018
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My friend Dave sent me a link to a t-shirt design I found wonderfully insightful (and NO, I am not a Calvinist; I'm a Bible believer): 

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Derek Brown posted a new article today about praying for your pastor. He made some comments in the article I thought were very insightful... because they are true: 

  • "...few Christians really know what pastoral ministry entails."
  • "For some, the quip, 'A pastor only works one day a week” may seem pretty close to the truth."
  • "Others view pastoral ministry as a helping profession (akin to professional counseling, but easier) where the pastor’s 35-40 hour workweek consists mainly of coffee-shop chats, a few staff meetings, and a little light reading and Bible study. Good stuff, but none of it too difficult."
  • "...some Christians think of their pastors more as CEOs whose main job is to manage and expand the programs and overall influence of the corporation rather than shepherds who have been called to feed and protect sheep."
  • "Marketing, management, motivation, and resource acquisition are seen as the pastor’s primary responsibilities rather than preaching, teaching, praying, and training other leaders."

And then he goes on to lend credence to these views because of pastors themselves today

  • "...many people have such a truncated view of the pastoral ministry (a view that is, sadly, perpetuated by some lazy and incompetent pastors)..."


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I ran into an interesting web site today. The title is awkward... but the content is pretty good. 

Here are some articles that I read one right after another today:

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The Palestinian Covenant is the Basis for the New Covenant

Let's think about this... the Abrahamic covenant (Gen 12, 15, 22, etc.) promised land, seed, and blessing to Abraham and his physical descendants. The Mosaic covenant was made with his seed (descendants) and the promised blessing was to come through that seed in the land as they obeyed and fulfilled their covenant agreement of Exodus 19.8. 

Within the context of the Mosaic covenant (the Mosaic Law being the stipulations of the covenant) God made another covenant with Israel: (Deut 29-30) the Palestinian covenant. I find myself describing this as the "life and land" covenant because it set the requirements for LIFE (Dt 30.6, 16, 16, 19) and for that life to be lived in blessing in the LAND (v3, 5, 16, 20). 

The overarching condition of participation in the Palestinian covenant (the condition to inherit LIFE and the LAND) was "devotion" (see the previous study on Israel and the Church, specifically pages 17-24 in the accompanying PDF).

God required repentance, faith, submission, and obedience; those are all summed up in one word: devotion.

The Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language defines devotion as "profound dedication, consecration; earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc." It gives as synonyms "zeal" and "ardor." And at the very end of the definition in this unabridged dictionary are these words: "See love." Love God with ALL your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Well... with that in mind... 

Isn't it interesting that in Romans 10, the chapter that deals with "Israel's Present" and salvation in the Church Age, Paul quotes Deuteronomy 30.11-14, a key passage in the Palestinian covenant?

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